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Custom Blanket

In short, custom blanket manufacturing can be easy:

You have a blanket design, and we will make it into real blankets.

However, in the blanket production end, we, as a blanket manufacturing factory, have to consider lots of things such as:

1. Yarn choice, yarn color accuracy, knitting machine needles,
2. Blanket sizes, weight, production lead time, blanket quality inspection,
3. Blanket packaging and private labeling,
4. Import tax and VAT, international delivery, … etc.
Customization Process
Please follow the following guidelines and tell us your requirements!
You probably find it is very complicated, BUT DON’T WORRY,  our one-stop blanket manufacturing solution make everything easier,
 just tell us your requirements and we will do all the rest for you.

Step 1
Design your blanket and packaging

Step 2
Confirm order details like pattern and size
Step 3:Sampling & Approval of samples
Samples will be made according to your design and sent to you for approval.
For custom blanket manufacturing, sampling fee will be charged to cover our cost of knitting-machine setting and yarn preparation, but quality samples are always free of charge and only delivery fee will be charged.
3.1 Pay for the sampling fee, Paypal and wire transfer accepted;
3.2 Saibo will start sampling and it takes 13-20 days;
3.3 Sample blankets will be sent to you via FedEx and SaiBo will wait for your approval;
3.4 Revisions will be made if you are not satisfied with the sample;
Step 4Pay xx% Upfront Before Production
Towards a satisfying business–
We will send over a Proforma Invoice for your purchase.
– For regular customers, we have flexible payment terms
– For new customers, an deposit of 30-50% of total value should be paid upfront so that we can start preparing for bulk blankets production.
We understand that you may feel at risk at this stage, actually we have concerns, too. Factory visit is always welcomed so that we can build mutual trust towards satisfying business.
Step 5Blankets Manufacturing | Bulk Production
Bulk production starts and we will take care of everything, production takes 30-45 days.
The blanket production process is almost the same as that in the sampling stage and here is the flow:
Step 6Pay For The Balance
Pay the balance. Custom Blankets manufacturing is completed and your blankets are ready for lading!
Step 7Arrange lading and shipping
Your blankets will be shipped. Final step of blankets manufacturing Relax and just wait for the blankets to come,
we can also help with custom clearance.

Sea shipping is the most economical way for international delivery,
especially for bulk blankets manufacturing.

Special logistics line to UK and USA while taking care of import tax and VAT;
9-12 days of delivery time. $5.5-$6/Kg.

Train dleivery to Europe and Middle-Asia. 1/3 delivery time of sea shipping,
1/4 delivery fee of air shipping.

Fastest & Costly, we use express delivery to send samples and
small amount of blankets to clients for review or pre-marketing.

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