Why Winter Scaves are Important?

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    Whether you’re eager for some outdoor snow activities or just looking to survive the cold blast, make sure you’re geared up! One accessory that many consider more for fashion than function is a scarf or neck warmer. While yes, they can make an otherwise dull outfit pop with life, they also are a major key in staying warm. Here’s why winter scarves are useful.

Protect Exposed Skin

    The neck is often exposed to the cold air regardless if a jacket is being worn or not. Jackets provide some coverage but can be uncomfortable with the zipper all the way up since jacket collars tend to be thick and stiff. With a scarf, you can protect the neck comfortably as well as your nose and ears-spots where a jacket collar doesn’t reach.

Creat Warm Air

    Breathing in cold air can be harsh on the lungs. If you haven’t experienced the icy burn, we recommend trying to avoid that. And how to avoid that feeling? A scarf of course! When a scarf is worn around the mouth, it creates insulation and a pocket of warm air. This helps reduce the sting when you breathe in cutting down on any discomfort.

Fight off Virus

    According to a study published in 2015, researchers found that the cold virus thrives in the nose due to it being a colder temperature. They suggested that if the nose is kept warm with a scarf, preventing cold air to be directly inhaled, it could increase your chances of fighting off a cold.

    Here are some stylish scarves to keep you warm for this upcoming storm!

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