What's the best sleepwear for my baby?

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    It's safer not to use any sort of loose or thick bedding in your baby's crib, at least for the first year. That because too much bedding, or the wrong kind of bedding, can cause accidental suffocation and overheating, which are believed to be a risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS.

    A skullcap and pajamas with feet are good choices. In general, layered clothing for sleep is practical, in case you need to remove or add a layer. "Wearable blankets" or sleep sacks that won't get tangled can also help keep your baby cozy.

    Contrary to what you might think, babies don't need more bundling up than adults. As a general guide, your baby will be comfortable using about the same amount of clothing and coverings that you would be comfortable using at the same room temperature. An ideal room temperature for your baby is around 70 to 72 degrees F.

    You'll want to dress your baby in sleepwear that's safe and comfortable and that helps her maintain a good body temperature.

    Contrary to what you might hear, baby sleepwear doesn't have to be flame resistant. Soft, breathable natural fabrics like cotton are fine, but they must be used in a garment that fits snugly to be safe. By U.S. law, as of June 2000, children's sleepwear must be labeled as either snug-fitting (so it won't easily catch fire) or flame resistant.

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    Avoid ribbons, strings, ties, and other decorative items that could get wrapped around your baby and pose a choking hazard.

    As for how much to bundle up your baby, don't overdo it. Overheating is a risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

    Start by keeping the room at a temperature that's comfortable, not hot — 70 to 72 degrees is a good range. Then dress your baby for bed in whatever you're comfortable in plus one layer. So if you feel fine in one layer, put two layers on your baby.


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    Booties are a good way to keep her toes warm when it's chilly, and, since much of her body heat escapes from her head, a skull cap is also a good idea. Don't cover her up with big, fluffy blankets or comforters, though, because these could wind up over her head and lead to suffocation or SIDS. Opt for a sleep sack instead.

During warm weather your baby can sleep without extra layers. Just keep her away from direct air conditioning vents and drafty windows.

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