What is the Best Cushion Filling?

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    When you're shopping for a sofa, the color and style grab your attention first. The couch's filling, though, is just as important as its looks. A sofa is a long-term investment, so you'll want a filling that stays comfortable for years. Couch fillings usually consist of polyester, foam, feathers or a combination of these.


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    Foam is the most common filling material for sofas, and it comes in a variety of densities. High-density foam provides a firm couch cushion but some people may find it too hard. Low-density foam typically has a soft or medium firmness. It tends to degrade faster than high-density foam. Memory foam supports and conforms to your body, so it's ideal for people with muscle and joint pain. Foams labeled "high-resilient density," or HR, are more resistant to wear and sagging. High-resilient foam cushions may last for 14 years or more.

Feathers and Down

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    Feather-filled cushions are ideal for people who prioritize softness in a sofa. Feathers are the cheaper option; companies usually use duck or chicken feathers as filling. Down comes from the plush underbellies of geese. Expect to pay more for a sofa with down-filled cushions. Feathers won't dry properly if they get wet, but waterproof covers add some protection from spills. Cushions are wrapped in feather-proof casings to prevent feathers from slipping out. One-hundred-percent down can get lumpy over time unless the down is sewn into individual pockets or baffles. For something firmer, opt for cushions with a foam core and an outer layer of feathers or down.


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    Polyester is a good choice for sofa buyers on a budget. It's inexpensive and available in several densities, but it easily flattens out. Soft polyester is smooth, durable and bouncy. "Ply-a" soft polyester is limp and does not bounce back when sat on. Faux-down polyester mimics the look and feel of down for less money. This is an alternative for people who have feather allergies. Cluster-polyester cushions contain tiny balls of fiber. This is one of the most durable, long-lasting types of polyester fillings.


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Batting is used in foam cushions to keep the filling smooth and prevent it from slipping. Batting comes in two thicknesses: 25.5 ounces and 42.4 ounces. It's typically made from cotton, wool or polyester. Cotton batting may poke through the cushion covering. If this is a concern, consider a cotton-polyester blend. Wool batting is available in needled and layered form. Needled wool is tough, so it's used to cover sofa springs. Layered wool degrades quickly, so it isn't ideal for use in couches.

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