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  • 2018-09-14

    How to Choose the Right Bathrobe?

    How to Choose the Right Bathrobe?Bathrobes are not only used in hotels but in your home. Especially in the chilly season, nothing can be comfortable than wearing your bathrobe after taking a bath. There are various materials of bathrobe farbric and different styles. Before you can enjoy the benefits

  • 2018-07-18

    How to buy a good baby blanket for infant?

    How to buy a good baby blanket for infant?The skin of newborn is very tender and delicate. So the receiving blanket needs to assure the quality to protect the infant from hurting. A high quality baby blanket add warmth and softness to the holding that all babies need to feel secure and loved.A silky

  • 2018-07-05

    4 Tips to Wash and Store Blanket

    1. Pre-Treament. 2. wash. 3.dry. 4.store

  • 2018-06-28

    The Most Common Bed Sheet and Bedding Fabrics

    The Most Common Bed Sheet and Bedding FabricsFabric is rich in many types that you don’t know how to choose the suitable one. And you may don’t know the difference between them. So you need some professional advice to tell the difference between them.CottonCotton is the most popular fabric used to m

  • 2018-06-20

    How to Choose Sofa Throw Pillows

    How to Choose Sofa Throw PillowsA soft and warm sofa throw pillow makes you feel comfortable and cozy when you lay on the sofa. A delicate and fashion sofa throw pillow gives your living room a special decoration style. There are some facts that you should consider when selecting the sofa throw pill

  • 2018-06-06

    How to Clean Faux Fur Blanket?

    Three Points:Machine Washing Faux Fur blanket; Hand Washing Faux Fur ; Drying Faux Fur Q&A The best way to wash faux fur blanket is to check the tag for washing instructions. Follow instructions for washing it in the washing machine,or by hand. Once you’ve washed your faux fur fur blanket, air dry

  • 2018-06-06

    Tips for Buying the Best Bed Skirts

    To create a warm bedroom, there are lots of things need to consider and prepare. From the curtains, carpet, wardrobe to the pillows. But there is one last element to creating a perfectly styled bed that doesn't get as much attention as it deserves, and that's adding a bed skirt. A Simple and Functi

  • 2018-03-21

    How to make a baby blanket

    The skin of kids are generally allergic. The blanket that used by kids should be cotton or environmental material. Sometimes, it’s hard to choose a brand, and you can try to do a handmade blanket for kids. Materials needed: Fabric (2 pieces, about 1 yard each, depending on preference)Cutting matGrid

  • 2018-02-27

    Kintted Mermaid tail blanket

    Is it getting chilly yet in your neck of the woods? It certainly is where I live, and one of my favorite things about fall is turning on the fireplace, snuggling up with a warm blanket, and catching up on my favorite TV show or book. Blanket tails are a popular trend right now, and they’re a great w

  • 2017-09-06

    How to Style Throw Pillows On a Couch

    How to Style Throw Pillows On a CouchThrow pillows are the easiest way to liven up your space and give your sofa a polished look. With endless options and combinations to arrange your pillows, it might be difficult to know where exactly to begin. Before you even start the process of buying throw pil

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